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Punk Goth Rockabilly Clothing, Crafts etc for SALE!!

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January 16th, 2007

10:25 pm

Im selling my IBANEZ GIO GUITAR thats been Hand Decorated by me with LEOPARD FLAMES.

Heres my ebay listing for it, the Sale Ended but Im still selling.

!!! Its ONLY $200 with Shipping and in like Brand New Conditon !!!

(I LOVE This and i wouldnt let this go but Im Broke and Desperate!)


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July 31st, 2006

06:01 pm
Hey does anyone HAVE Or Know Where I can find this purse?
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January 28th, 2006

03:03 pm
Everyone Im selling Handmade and painted Necklace Charms by me. Right now Im doing SCARED HEART necklaces with banners that can sa anything and TOMBSTONES. I can do almost any color you want etc. There goregous in real life and take alot of time and labor. Right now there $16 each, i accept paypal. etc

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May 24th, 2005

06:01 am
title or description

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April 27th, 2005

12:22 pm
title or description

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December 24th, 2004

03:24 am - New Inventory
Heres the first batch of lovely crap to oogle over & buy :)

This is a beautiful red-orange flame charm on a ball chain $15

Hot fucking black leather platform boots with red flames. Never Worn!(hot topic)$60

Really pretty orange red flame Earrings match the necklace. (Never worn) $12

Amazing Sparkley Star glitter charm on ball chain. $12

Classy, beautiful green jade oriental charm bracelet $10

Hot necklaces both covered in rhinestones. Very sexy and sparkley. $18 each

Really pretty set of 4 lip glosses and a lip pencil all brand new in package $15

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02:53 am - Hey Everyone !
Welcome to my online live journal shop " ZOMBIE ASHTRAY". I will be selling some really fucking neat stuff for you to buy. Look forward to diy crafts, jewerly, skulls, clay, kitsch, tattoo style, used items, shoes, accesories, rockabilly goth and punk style new & used clothing. ALl prices will be listed and ill be getting some pics up soon. You can make payments by sending me a money order (preferred), well concealed cash, or check.

xoxo -Zombie
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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July 2nd, 2004

04:03 am - MEOW
blah first entry. this sucks. hehe

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